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How to implement a CollectionType Form field with AJAX “add new” embedded form with re-usable markup using Symfony2 and Twitter Bootstrap

I had to create a relationship with two entities in a project. I am using Twitter Bootstrap markup in my Symfony2 project. This is my notes about how I implemented a re-usable form field that adds dynamic input text using jQuery. This post is an echo on my original Answer attempt on StackOverflow.

I wanted to create a re-usable piece of code that makes me able to “add new” input field and makes the relationship with the other entity.

I did only find some very specific (and not re-usable) examples, so I gave my try on this question. Hope you find it usefull.

Here is how I did it, in some generic manner.

In generic, I mean, Any collection that I add to the form just need to follow the Form template loop (in a macro, for example) and that’s all!

Using which convention

Form Type class

The form template

Trick here is that I would have had used the original {{ form_widget(form }} but I needed to add some specific to the view form and I could not make it shorter.

And I tried to edit only the targeted field and found out it was a bit complex

My notes on

I created a Snipt to use on my Sublime Text 2 editor installation. In case you want to use it:


I wrote a complete answer, hoping to add some value on StackOverflow, here is some other paths I read about it.

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