A list of quality indicators we could find on an application or web site

When we write a project specification document, we write functionnal and non-functionnal and other sections. As I want to communicate to my peers and sponsors the level of quality, I thought of creating this list of indicators.


Web application quality attributes

  • Frontend should adjust to the user browser (tablet, computer, phone) “Responsive” (already partially in place)
  • Frontend URIs should express what they represent for future/possible conversion to REST service endpoint
  • Frontend response time should be as quick as possible using optimization techniques such as assets minification and non-blocking javascript
  • Code “Domain” (language) should illustrate user intent
  • Frontend to use W3C valid markup following HTML5 recommendations in a “Progressive enhancement” manner;
  • Logging system should declare application state and intents and provide helpful feedback (e.g. “User jshmoe logged in from… Montreal Quebec.”)
  • Front-end error message should be using terms that speaks to the end user
  • Error message and notices should not break layout
  • All message and user read text should be without spelling mistakes or bad translation


Frontend as quick to load as possible

Among most recommendations and references about common user frustrations is the time a web page loads.

The idea is to basically push to the queue and forget returning a page back as soon as possible.

Other key aspects are graceful degradation of javascript, functional site even with javascript errors.

Most importantly. The portal frontend can be deployed in any number of instances, with only one address, and be completely transparent to the user.


Your opinion

What else should we also include in such a list? I agree that it is not complete as much as a W3C recommendation is. But I believe it is much good in a context of a project outline to explain details you are taking into account while evaluating.