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Who else is using feature flipping thing on their web applications?

Heard about a web application concept that can be described as: enabling or disabling live on the web? That's called "feature flipping". Here is my essay about how to describe and use.

I am currently reading and collecting ideas on how to present and propose an implementation in my projects.

I want to use:

  • Continuous integration
  • Automated builds
  • Feature flipping

And make all of this quick and easy for anybody in the team.

Feature flipping

This is fairly new to me, but I like the idea. The concept is that the code declares in their own components which features they are contributing to.

This way, we can then totally hide it from sight from the users.

Source control branching

I am currently searching and preparing to introduce to my client ways to work with a few elements in our project.

The idea is that instead of managing a complex branch scheme, and skim to the essential.

A trend was to use GitFlow, then, the project grows, developers do not have all the time to manage everything, and things get out of hands.

It may then look like something similar to that:

Quoting a slide from Zach Holman about branching

It doesn’t seem bad in the first place, but even though Git gives an easy way to do so, if you want to adapt quickly, it can bring overhead.

At least, that’s what Flikr, Github, Twitter, Facebook (so I heard) does.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find on the idea soon-ish.



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