I have just resigned from my new job to start on an exciting project!

In the last months, many things happened to me.

First, I worked for almost two years in a contract at Ericsson, but it ended. Therefore, I started searching for a new job. I had some offers and I had a hard time to pick one.

However, after all, I have just received a new offer to work for the W3C; something I cannot that I could not turn down.

I am very excited to have this opportunity. I would even say more: it is a honour.

I will explain more about it in another moment.

For now, I would just like to thank TEKsystems‘ team and to mention the many good things about working there:


TEKsystems is a company based in the USA and their main solution development center is located in Montreal Downtown. Most of the projects are web based business applications serving many customers in the united states.

Among the things I enjoyed most were:

  • The management team uses Agile methodologies wherever applicable;
  • The leadership is strong, and the team leads are skillful;
  • The multiple coding technologies in one place: Java, PHP, Frontend, iOS, Android, .NET,
  • The multidisciplinary team: Architecture, Business Analysis, User experience;
  • The members of the team, at the end of the project, get shuffled in the office to start a new one;
  • The internal structure to create mini-projects so we can learn and contribute from other employes;
  • The fact that the office is located in Montreal Downtown, and right beside McGill University where I am starting a Continuing Studies Courses certificate

I worked there for the last month and a half, and it is amazingly well organized company. Based on my own experience in different work contexts, I can say that working with them for web development projects was enjoyable.

If it wasn’t because of my new opportunity, I would have stayed there for a long while.

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