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Community Partner Spotlight: DevLAB Montreal

This year MWNW will be having a codefest portion co-hosted by the coolest geeks in town, DevLab Montreal. The folks at devLab MTL are very passionate about new technologies and Open Source, so we’re thrilled to have them on board with Make Web not War. We asked Renoir Boulanger , Co-Founder of DevLab MTL, a few questions:

What is devLab Montreal?

devLab Montreal is the natural movement toward the open-source community because it first started as friends gathering together every week only to play with technologies. Be it: Virtualization, Trying stuff with frameworks, Optimizing a minimal Linux virtual machine or computer, playing with monitoring, and so on. During the years, we talked about our gatherings and people got interested in joining, so we started to get out with the Open-source community and meet people that loves as much open source software as we do. Then it came naturally. When we founded Evocatio, we HAD to put some structure in it and bring something that’s missing in the Montreal’s events scene… something for us, geeks. devLab is our way to give back to the community. We scheduled meetings through the next year so we could teach and learn from each other. Each meeting will have a theme. Stored procedures optimization with either MySQL or Microsoft SQL. Database modeling and normalization. Bugwacking sessions on projects of our choice.

Why did you want to get involved with MWNW?

We want to get involved with MWNW because we have that passion to make things work together. Be it OpenLDAP, Active Directory or Tivoli or a SOAP WebService connecting to either MySQL or Microsoft SQL. In today technology landscape we cannot ignore either side. People will want software that fits their needs and as it happens many times Open source software have to work with Proprietary software. We embrace Microsoft initiative to listen to what we have to say as Open Source Enthusiasts.

Sign up for the codefest if you want to hack out some code with the devLab folks at MWNW.

Réalisation Gestionnaire de service à la clientèle pour Câble Axion [2006]

Gestionnaire des décodeurs
Avant Après

Voici un projet que j’ai fait pour Câble Axion [edit: en plus de celui du site web]. Lorsque j’avait été engagé on m’avait spécifié que je travaillerait a améliorer les processus de travail de plusieurs départements: Soutient technique, Service à la clientèle, et même l’inventaire. C’était un projet très intéressant. Sur ce mandat j’ai du faire avec le choix technologique actuel et supporter ce qui était déjà en place: des bases de données Microsoft Access.

(PS: J’ai fait le site web aussi, c’est celui là qui est encore en-ligne. Voir le billet correspondant.).

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