Project manifest: Content management publishing platform to implement Accessibility, Semantic markup, and ease web publishing

This is my own manifest on how I think today’s CMS should be architectured. I need to find a proper name on the idea and/or possibly join one of the project that exists. If you understand french, I created the equivalent post on that page.


  1. Data extraction layer, takes from…  xml, rss, github, wordpress database, drupal database, REST service and pass to layer 2
  2. Data filtering, normalization and serialization. Providing adapters for normalization, caching, and expose a gateway for third layer
  3. Content transportation layer of normalized/serialized content transport mechanism
  4. (need to coin term here)  “Container”  providing:
    1. Placeholders for content coming from layer 3
    2. Automated creation of HTML blocks and patterns following semantic markup and accessibility principles
    3. Logicless templating for easy usage for integrators who do not need to learn programming

Advantages on that approach

I truly think that with such mechanism, we could adapt content in a semantic manner and be able to abstract content edition, theme.

Much is here to say about it. I am leaving this as it is now and I’ll update relations and ideas as I spend time on it. Contact me if you have questions.