I am joining W3C to work on the WebPlatform project!

In a recent post, I was explaining that I resigned my position.

The new exciting project that I was referring to is the WebPlatform project at the W3C.

For people who do not know what the W3C is, it is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web.

The WebPlatform project is a rapidly growing web development collaborative documentation website.

I would even call it the Web developer’s missing manual for web developers to build quality web applications using the latest techniques.

As for the sponsors, it is backed by well known companies, that we refer to as stewards, such as Adobe, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft to name a few.

I will contribute to the site as a Developer Operations engineer. My work will be basically to enhance the features and manage the server infrastructure of the site as much as continuing what I already do as a hobbyist speaker.

Roughly, it consist of everything I always did or dreamed of:

  • Work on a flagship site with heavy traffic usage, with and for respected professionals around all the world
  • Use my favourite operating system and tools in System Administration
  • Technical liaison with Open-source communities
  • Develop and maintain the community platform, with web development, ensuring application performance, and implement continuous deployment
  • Speak and participate at conferences related to web standards
  • Contribute to moving the web forward, full-time (!)

If you are living in Montreal and you would like me to share with you on how to participate in this exciting project, just send me an e-mail (my first-name AT w3 dot org) and I’ll gladly answer.

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